SOC Crusade 2015 Report

What an incredible year 2015 was for Sunday School! In almost every ministry, there was revival and growth. We thank God for these blessings!
The theme for 2016 is “Put the Children First.” When we as an organization “Put the Children First,” great revival will flow. Jesus knew the importance of children, and with the birth of a child God sends hope for the future generations. Below are a list of God’s Blessings upon Sunday School:
1.         Record Save Our Children offering of almost 1.5 million dollars.
2.         Record number of teams for the Junior Bible Quiz finals.
3.         Sell-out of Dixie Stampede for the second time at the JBQ Finals.
4.         Sunday School ended in the Black financially and began fiscal year in           Black.
5.         Record number of children receiving the Holy Ghost in the Save Our           Children Crusades: 1,253!
6.         Great Singles Break-Away in Long Beach, CA.
2015 Save Our Children Crusades results:
Guam/Micronesian Islands – 68 Holy Ghost filled
AZ – 109 Holy Ghost filled
AR – 86 Holy Ghost filled
OK – 182 Holy Ghost filled
VA – 192 Holy Ghost filled
IL – 63 Holy Ghost filled
WI – 114 Holy Ghost filled
HI – 52 Holy Ghost filled
MI – 109 Holy Ghost filled
TX – 85 Holy Ghost filled
Atlantic – 80 Holy Ghost filled
Nova Scotia – 44 Holy Ghost filled
Quebec – 69 Holy Ghost filled
2015 Holy Ghost filled total: 1,253
This brings the Holy Ghost filled totals for the last three years at: 2,903 Holy Ghost filled! This is almost three per day for the last three years! In 2016, we have two Global Save Our Children Crusades in New Zealand and Australia. D.L. Moody once said, “Out of 100 people, one will read the Bible, the other 99 will read the Christian.” We pray the world can read our vision and faith!
Thanks for giving to Save Our Children! God is calling our children into ministry and missions. One nine-year-old after receiving the Holy Ghost said, “I want to be a missionary”! One six-year-old at a Junior Bible Quizzing function said, “I want to preach in Spain”! In Virginia, a blind lady followed the commands to receive the Holy Ghost; She raised her hands and God filled her with the Holy Ghost! In just a few days, her blind husband would also receive it. When the Gospel is preached, even to a child, signs and wonders follow.
I cannot give my good away, for it returns to bless me many times. When you plan for revival in 2016, don’t leave the children out! Thanks for supporting this ministry that is strengthening pastors and churches around the world. Anthony D’Angelo once said a true statement, “Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.”
Pray that 2016 can be a greater year for the General Sunday School Division! Our SOC Goal is $1.6 million dollars. Help us to be the best leaders possible. Ken Blanchard said, “The best leaders are those who understand that their power flows through them, not from them.” Pray that the Holy Ghost can flow through us and many children will be filled and that many will be called into ministry. It’s about time we let the children be first.

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