Jr. Sunday School Camp

July 17th through the 22nd

2017 Jr. Camp Evangelist

Bruce and Jami Borlick

Bruce and Jami Borlik, along with their three daughters, Bethany, Holley and Melaney, are full time family and children’s evangelists with the United Pentecostal Church International with 18 years of experience.  Using current kids music, puppets and an unforgettable variety of characters, the Borliks “have church” in a way that few ever forget.

Their chosen tag line, “an altar experience through puppets and parables”, sums up the main focus of their ministry.  Every service ends with an altar opportunity, a chance to bring children and their families closer to Jesus

The Borliks are experienced with all age groups and settings, from inner city churches to large and small campgrounds. They conduct Teacher training seminars, VBS, camps, crusades, rallies and outreaches, as well as teach holiness seminars and “why we believe what we believe” to all ages.

Contact us through Facebook at Borlik Family Ministries, via email at bruceandjami@ymail.com, or on our website, http://www.bruceandjami.com.  We can also be reached via phone at 765-350-0252.

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